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Transparency matters. Here's an itemized list of max contributions made to my opponents by special interest and out of county influences from both in and out of Osceola County.

Lets keep big money out of local government.

Jose Alvarez

Former Tea Party Republican
Moved to the district 2019
Real Estate Broker (favors development)

Takes Maximum contributions allowed by law
52 $1000.00  contributions
18 $1000.00 from in county Special Interest
34 $1000.00 from out of county influencers

TOTAL AS OF 7-31-2020       $76,320.00

For more info click the PDF below:

Peggy Choudhry

"The Peoples Commissioner"
Net worth in June 2016 $58,936.00 Before she was elected.
Net worth in December 2019 $315,000.00
The people’s commissioner has been the only one to have benefited from her elected position

Takes Maximum Contributions allowed by law
45 $1000.00 Contributions
19 $1000.00 From in county special interest
26 $1000.00 from out of county influencers
8   $1000 bundled from Theme Park Operator


Thousands from Hospitality special interest

Benefits from a Negative campaign the chamber of commerce coordinated, financed by Theme park operator
They want someone they can manipulate to do their bidding.

TOTAL AS OF 7-31-2020       $88,112.00

For more info click the link below:

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